Adolescent Girls & Leadership Building

ISW runs its coaching for the adolescent girls and also offers sponsorship so that they do not become essential drop-outs and thereby not succumb to child marriage. However, ISW do have a few future plans to develop these adolescent groups of girls who would run the following in their community area;

  • Self-defense training to the girls of that area between the age group of 9 to 16 so that they can defend themselves against any sort of physical atrocity that might get metted out to them be it at home or outside their domestic vicinity. ISW seeks fund to provide them nutritional food so that the malnourished and undernourished girls are able to sustain the rigorous training.
  • ISW also plans to impart basic nursing training to the adolescent groups to conduct medical awareness campaign in the community where they reside, so that it reduces the mortality rate and the rate of illness among the population living in that area. For this ISW seeks fund to buy two mobile medical vans in the first phase which will be equipped with basic medical facilities such as medicines prescribed by the registered medical practitioner, stethoscope, ECG machine, Oxygen cylinder, intravenous drip facilities. Registered medical practitioner will visit once in every fortnight to check the critical patients and recommend them to the hospitals if need be.
  • It is also foreseen that these adolescent groups, once they are educated would run advocacy groups and provide support to the local women to prevent any sort of violence against women. For this ISW seeks fund for setting up two mobile medical schools (locally called mobile pathshala) which will be caravan fitted with screen and projector where the people of the different localities in the nearby rural area will be imparted basic education and films conveying a message of awareness will also be showcased.
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