Awareness on Legal Rights

ISW aspires to build an Advocacy & Campaign on Legal Awareness

Legal Awareness is an important component in the process of empowering the girls as well as the women living in rural areas. ISW endeavours to promote consciousness of legal culture in the villages where it works. To foster for the same, a few steps will be taken by ISW and it seeks helps from people from across the globe.

Arranging Study Circle – Once in a month, a study circle is to be organized where a lawyer would sit with the local girls and will take topics on legal awareness that concerns the life of the girls and their mothers. This will generate awareness and consciousness on the rights that they possess which will give them confidence to go ahead in life.

Advocacy & Campaign – The girls who participates in the study circle then forms micro groups and advocates it to the community in small groups. This will ensure community awareness on legal rights in a non-conventional method so that the greater number of people experience the changes.

Besides these, the cultural handle will also be brought in where the girls will be provided workshops on acting/dance drama where the sole focus will be on building legal awareness. The multi delivery approach will likely to have a greater impact.

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