Digital Literacy Programme

21st century is the age of digital literacy and ISW strongly feels that the poverty should not keep the girls way behind. To foster the digital learning ISW is looking for further support in continuing its venture. There are many talented young brains thriving among the rural mass and ISW feels that it is necessary to provide them with the appropriate knowledge and exposure so that educationally they are not left out

Building up digital classrooms – In the existing classrooms, ISW seeks support to set up white boards with projector, broadband facility for uninterrupted internet service and dust free environment so that it can showcase the various videos on scientific discoveries and experiments to tap the young talented brains amidst the rural folks. This will also enable the students to seek online smart classes in case the local teachers are unable to explain the concepts clearly to the students.

Computer Training Programme – ISW also seeks support from the companies/corporate towards the donation of desktops/laptops/tablets for rendering computer training to the students and also to facilitate digital learning. Post Covid scenario where social distancing is set to become the norm and education seems to be delivered mostly on online platforms, these tools will help the young students not to miss out anything especially where classroom experiences are concerned. ISW also requires competent IT faculty to come forward and train our teachers so that they can help the students to get acquainted with the IT equipment’s and digital learning.

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