Financial Empowerment of Women

ISW strongly believes that every woman should be financially empowered. For that ISW provides skill development training to women to make them employable. ISW also manufactures dry spices such as Haldi, Cumin, Corriander and also Jam & Jellies and the entire production process is taken care of by only women. ISW urges people to buy these food products as they are produced in a hygienic manner and also it would provide these women to earn their living.

ISW also trains women who makes cushion covers, apron sets with hand gloves and oven holders, tcosy, leather bags, etc. If anyone is interested to buy these items can mail us your requirements. Alternatively, call can be made to our city office to know the availability of products so that the money can be paid online and once the amount is paid the details of it can be mailed along with the requirements. The items will be dispersed by post.

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