Foundation School for Primary School Children

ISW is looking forward to expand its existing Foundation School in Barasat. At present, it is only catering to the students of Nursery classes but it plans to extend till Grade 2. The classes that it plans to start are Lkg, Ukg, Grade 1 & Grade 2. The individuals are welcomed to contribute in the following manner.

The interior designing of the classrooms may be done by inclusion of wallpapers and putting up the racks for keeping books and make the room ready for the children to do class.

Donate a smart board along with a projector for enabling smart learning in the classroom so that the students can learn using audio-visual aids.

Donate the classroom furnitures to facilitate a better learning environment for the students and also to foster the aesthetic look.

Donate books, laptops, tabs, floor mat & cupboards to set up a learning resource center for the students here.

Render your services and offer teaching to the students who comes here. You are welcomed to take workshops.

Donate dry food items such as biscuits, cornflakes, puffed rice, bread, eggs, rice, ghee tins, milk tetra packs for the children. We already provide lunch to our children as they cannot afford even one meal a day. It is our venture towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No 2 which talk about Zero Hunger.

Take initiative and train our teachers to implement 21st century teaching curriculum for training the students towards reaching their goals.

Donate towards building up more floors to accommodate more students and also set up sports area to discover budding talents in sports.

Donate toward buying of three school buses for plying the students from home to school even during monsoons or buy yearly expense for the maintenance of drivers.

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