The Institute of Social Work started its journey way back in the year 1978 when a group of social workers decided to unmask the wrongs to which women and children were subjected to and uplift the class at large. It mainly concentrated its work in Kolkata slum area along with the rural Bengal. Nupur along with a group of young social workers founded this Organization almost 40 years back and it is the sheer passion that has driven them to take this Organization to its great height. They were all employed with Government of West Bengal and because of their nature of job, they used to visit slums almost every day. While doing this on a regular basis, they understood the issues that were entwined within their very lives and hence took up the herculian task of changing the existing. Gradually the organization got its small scale funding from different organizations, got it registered under FCRA and started working towards the upliftment of women and girl children. Nupur, a single mother herself, used to spend time and work amongst these underprivileged ones after her office hours. She had also involved her 10 year old daughter in extensive community service because she believed that every child should understand the privilege that he/she is enjoying without being actually told to them.

The organization grew and it took into its facets a lot many women who were from a tortured background but with a similar interest. The salary was never a concern for any of them, all they wanted was to provide their unconditional love for the ones who have been pushed off by their family members. Thus began the work along with its ongoing struggle. ISW now plans to start with a Foundation school for the children of Age Group 3 to 8, where only 5 grades will function such as Nursery, LKG, UKG, Grade 1 and Grade 2…the local schools will be coordinated and these children will be placed in Grade 3 in the bigger institutions…the foundation is very significant for their growth and development; it will also help the children to cope up with the higher classes. With rampant sexual violence inflicted on adolescent girls, ISW decided to start a training programme on self-defence to equip the girl children for protecting themselves from the untoward incidences.

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