Legal Aid Counselling for Women

ISW provides Legal Aid Counselling as well as Support to all women. In city office, the vice-president of the Organization, an advocate himself render free service twice every week to provide legal aid counseling to the women who comes to seek our support. The Legal Aid Center also functions at Joynagar Center located in the 24 Parganas South of West Bengal. Here the local lawyers and community workers are designated to continue this work.

We also have a Sociologist assisting the advocate and write the case files so that these type of issues are also shared with the women where ISW conducts its awareness campaign. This is to prevent the similar mistake and also to make the women residing in rural areas empowered gaining their knowledge in political rights.

ISW also shares these case files to the media, of course keeping the confidential element intact and also changing the names of the characters so that the same can be enacted and projected as tele serials which will raise awareness among the women and children of greater community.

ISW also provides counseling to families to foster mutual understanding among couples. The legal support is given only if the issue is found to be lethal. In the first hearing, both the parties are heard unless it is the case of physical injury or other emotional violence inflicted upon the victim. ISW tries its best to work towards the mutual understanding between couples and if there is a way, the organization helps them to reconcile.

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