Sponsor a Girl Child

US$20 / INR 1500 Per Month

We have children and adolescents who are required to be sponsored.You can opt to pay monthly, quarterly or for a year. We would request you to sponsor atleast for an year, paying in equal monthly installments and every month end, you will be receiving report from us about the girl you are sponsoring.

A project wise statistics of sponsored children;

Birbhum District – 200 (Children & Adolescents)

Khidderpore (Kolkata Slum) – 80 (Adolescents)

South 24 Parganas – 160 (Children)

North 24 Parganas – 3000 (Children & Adolescents)

The sponsoring of our children has helped us to take care of many a social problems. The adolescent girls were prevented from being the unfortunate drop outs from formal schooling succumbing to early marriages resulting in poor reproductive health coupled with childbirths.

We look forward more sponsors so that we can continue to raise our voice against patriarchy and usher in empowerment of women.

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